Winterizing Your Garage Door

When the seasons change, your home can require a bit of prep work for the cold weather in the forecast. Winterizing your home helps keep things in good condition for a longer period of time. It helps preserve the value of these items or systems in your home and can save you money! Here are three things you should do to winterize your garage door and some signs you might need garage door repair:   Read More 

4 Reasons a Garage Door Opens Too Slow

As you try to enter or exit the garage, some days it may seem like your garage door is taking its sweet time. There are many reasons a garage door may slow down. Learn about the reasons and how a garage door repair company can speed up the process. 1. Lubrication Issues An automatic garage door needs to run like a well-oiled machine so the door moves steadily and properly. Lubrication and oils are needed for the garage door track system, the pulley system, and inside the mechanics of the opener. Read More 

Ways To Personalize Your Garage Door

You've cleaned out your home and have tried to repair as many of those little things that were going wrong as you could find, and now you need a new project. Something simple that shows a definite difference and that improves your life. The main candidate? Your garage door. Most of the time these doors are left plain, with some trim for interest but not much else going on. You don't want to go overboard with changing the door as you could become tired of any massive changes rather quickly once the novelty wears off. Read More 

Why Garage Door Repair Should Be Done Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale

You might know that your garage door is in need of repair in some way or another, but you might not be planning on making these repairs a priority. After all, it might not really seem necessary to have garage door repairs done if you are going to be selling your home anyway. However, before you even put your home on the market, you should think about working with a garage door repair professional. Read More 

Why You Should Wait Until Fall To Have Your Garage Door Repaired

Over the course of the summer, you may cross off a lot of home improvement projects from your to-do list. However, that warm weather and those long days may cause some problems with other areas of your home. Take your garage door for instance. After several months of hot and humid weather, the cool weather of the fall season can be incredibly welcoming and present the perfect time for garage door maintenance and repair. Read More