Garage Door Problems That Mean It’s Time For A Repair

There are a number of problems with your garage door system which indicate that it's time to have your door repaired. A slow-moving door can mean your opener is starting to fail, or that the springs are not helping to hold the heavy weight of your door. If you notice your door change directions when in use, or it doesn't stay all the way open, you will want to have your residential garage door inspected for any issues. Tension springs loosen over time, and need to be replaced after about five years. When you aren't sure what is going on with your garage door, get your system inspected before you get stuck with a door that doesn't work at all. 

Tension Springs and Door Weight

The tension springs on your garage door help to hold the heavy weight of the door when your door is open, or the door is moving. If you don't get your tension springs adjusted, you can end up burning out your opener because it will have to carry the door on its own. It's important that you don't touch your tension springs, as they can snap. Let a professional handle adjusting tension springs, and don't try to replace a tension spring on your own. If the spring snaps, you can get injured.

Check Your Tracks

The smallest pebble in your tracks can cause your door to reverse direction when you have the door in operation. Make sure your tracks are clean, and that all of the brackets are in place to hold the track. If your tracks are not perfectly aligned, this can cause problems with how the door opens and closes. Remove any debris that is in your tracks, and replace brackets if you have any missing.

When Your Opener Burns Out

There will come a time when your opener simply stops working. Check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped and if you have power going to the unit. If you have power and your opener won't work, it is likely that it needs to be replaced. A residential garage door repair technician will be able to change out your opener for you, leaving the current door and tracks if they are in good working order.

Don't ignore problems with your garage door to avoid damaging your system further. You can burn out your opener if you don't get the springs adjusted, and you can get injured if a spring suddenly snaps.

Contact a local residential garage door repair service to learn more.