2 Common Yet Challenging Garage Door Problems That Need Garage Door Repair Services

A garage door isn't among the things to overlook at your home or workplace. It's an essential property investment that keeps vehicles and your property safe. In addition, a well-cared-for garage door also improves your property's curb appeal. 

However, while you use your garage doors daily, most people rarely take time to examine and ensure their doors are in excellent condition. To avoid expensive maintenance, here are two common yet challenging garage door problems that need garage door repair services.

The Whole Door or Opener Switch Failing to Open

If your door fails to open or opens with difficulty, repairs will be incredibly helpful. An experienced garage door repair technician will inspect the primary cause of the door's failure to open before fixing the issues. While your DIY skills can fix a problem or two, failing to identify the primary cause of the problem can cost you more than you anticipate. Let a technician inspect and correct the situation professionally.

Similarly, if you hit your garage door opener switch and it refuses to budge, your door may be suffering from various issues. It could be that the lock switch is turned on or the lock buttons are disabled. Or, it could be that the switch motor is unplugged. 

Whatever the cause of your garage door opener switch problems, fixing it needs the help of garage door repair services. The technician will ensure the motor is attached to where it is supposed to be. 

They will also check for complex malfunctions with the opener switch circuit breaker and anywhere else they suspect is causing the failure. In short, while you can fix simple garage door problems, leave cases of your door not opening, or anything affecting the opener, to garage door repair professionals.

Issues with the Keypad and Remote Control Settings 

Although not all garage doors use keypad and remote control systems, if yours does, such features are prone to malfunctions too. Before doing anything:

  • Call for professional garage door repair services to ensure the problem is solved the first time correctly
  • Let the technician check if the keypad batteries are working
  • If the batteries are not working, replace them and retry the keypad numbers   

If replacing the batteries and retrying the keypad fails, let the technician check the programming settings. If this also fails, the technician should check and inspect the antenna. The antenna helps the keypad work properly by receiving its signal. So, your technician needs to verify if the antenna motor keeps and receives the keypad signal correctly. Also, they should ensure the antenna is on the right angle—facing straight downward.

If you need help with garage door repair, contact a technician in your area.