Three Benefits Of Having A Detached Garage

If your home doesn't currently have a garage and you want to hire a garage builder to construct one for you, your first consideration will be to decide whether you want the garage attached to your home or detached from it. If you drive around your neighborhood, there's a good chance that you'll see numerous examples of both styles — which can help you visualize how your new garage may look. While an attached garage can be appealing, there are a lot of benefits of opting for a detached structure. Consider the following benefits of having a detached garage.

Separation For Noisy Activities

It's useful to think about the activities that you'll pursue in your new garage. For many homeowners, the garage can be a place that gets noisy. For example, if you enjoy fixing up old vehicles, you might plan to work on a car in the garage and occasionally have the engine running. Or, if you're an amateur musician, you might enjoy the idea of having some friends over to play instruments in your garage. These are scenarios in which a detached garage can be a good choice. The space between this structure and your residence will lessen the noise that your family members hear when they're in the home.

No Natural Light Issues For Your Home

Adding an attached garage to a home that is already standing can affect your home in an unexpected way. Many homes have windows on all four exterior walls. If you were to attach a garage to one of these walls, the garage would block the windows and cut down on the amount of natural light that gets into the residence. People often favor having their homes get as much natural light as possible, and the reduction in light could be a concern for you.

More Size Flexibility

While your new garage can be any size that you want, you may feel that it needs to be smaller if you want it attached to your home. It can look unusual if an attached garage is as large as the house or larger, for example. When you opt for a detached structure, however, you may find that you have more flexibility in terms of size. If you want a large garage for your projects, you may find that the size of this structure looks better when it stands alone — especially if you don't situate it right next to the home.

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