Garage Door Issues And How To Repair Them

When you get ready to leave the house for the day or return from work and are looking forward to a nice nap, the last thing you want to think about is your garage door. You probably have an expectation that when you hit the opening button or your remote, that it will open and close like it always has and you can continue on with your day. But if your garage door is not operating properly, now you've got to figure out why. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to try and fix your door before contacting a garage door repair service.

Problem: Your Garage Door Is Rattling When Opening or Closing

Suggested Repair: Try and Tighten It Up

If you have an overhead garage door, the tracks that the rollers move along to get the door up and down are typically installed in sections. There are also brackets and a variety of screws that keep the entire assembly together. If one bracket or one section of the track has become a bit loose, the door may rattle a bit as it moves from one section of the track to the section that's not quite lined up evenly. This can be a relatively easy fix if you have a ladder and the right kind of screwdriver or other tools to properly tighten each bolt or screw.

Problem: Your Garage Door Won't Close All the Way or Almost Closes But Then Reverses Itself

Suggested Repair: Reset or Replace the Emergency/Auto-Reverse Sensor

Are you having an issue getting your open door to close? Is the door automatically halting at some point during its descent or perhaps even halting and then reversing itself back to a fully open position? All modern garage doors have an auto-reverse sensor installed near the front of the garage. This sensor is supposed to stop the door from moving if it senses something getting in the way, like say, a family pet that ran out of the house while the door was moving. It's a great feature that could prevent serious injury.

If your sensor keeps reversing or stopping the door, consult your instruction manual if you have one for a way to reset the sensor. Sometimes a sensor can get tripped and then won't reset itself. If a reset doesn't work, you may have a faulty sensor that needs to be replaced by a professional.

Problem: You Can Hear the Garage Door Turn On, But the Door Won't Move

Suggested Repair: Find and Replace the Broken Belt or Chain Inside the Motor

Did you push the button on your garage door remote and the garage door light turns on and you maybe even hear some noise, but the door doesn't budge? This likely indicates there's a broken belt, chain, or another part inside your garage door motor. The motor may be running, but it can't actually move the door. Find and replace the broken part or consider professional help.

Contact a local garage door repair service to learn more.