Garage Door Problems That May Need Repairs

Depending on the problem that your garage door is experiencing, you may need to have a professional garage door repair service address the issue. In these situations, you will be able to act decisively to address these matters if you are informed of a few basic facts about garage door repairs and problems.

Know The Purpose The Weatherstripping Is Serving With Your Door

The weatherstripping is a part of the garage door that will often be overlooked by well-meaning homeowners that are trying to protect this part of their house and the interior of their garage. This is due to the fact that the weatherstripping will be able to block moisture from entering the garage or drafts from impacting the temperature inside. While weatherstripping is designed to last for years, it will become worn enough to eventually have to be replaced. When replacing weatherstripping, you will want to avoid choosing a weatherstripping option that is too thin for your garage door. This could still allow substantial amounts of moisture or large drafts to impact the interior of the garage.

Avoiding Neglecting The Door System's Spring

One of the most important components of any modern residential garage door system will be the large torsion spring. This spring is capable of supporting the intense weight of the garage door so that it can be raised and lowered in a controlled manner. Over time, the garage door spring will suffer wear that could require you to have it replaced, which can be expensive and disruptive as a homeowner will be unable to safely replace the torsion spring on their own. Keeping this spring properly lubricated and the door effectively-balanced can reduce the wear that the spring sustains so that it will be capable of lasting for as long as possible.

Act Quickly To Tighten Loose Components

As the garage door is being raised and lowered, it will create vibrations that could cause some of the components of the garage door to actually loosen. If you are noticing that parts of your garage door are starting to rattle or show other signs of components loosening, you must act quickly to tighten these components. Failing to tighten loose components can substantially increase the risks of these items being damaged as it can make it possible for the items to warp when the weight of the door is being applied to them. Luckily, it is not difficult to tighten these components, but you will have to be careful to avoid overtightening as this could also cause problems.