Troubleshooting An Overhead Door

If you have an overhead garage door that is not working properly, you may end up being stuck in the garage, stuck out of the garage, or have the door fall on someone or something causing injury or damage. Garage doors are a lot heavier than you realize. Just because you can manually open the door, do not be fooled by its weight. The springs, pulleys, and/or wheels and tracks make moving the door easy. However, the weight of the door is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Garage door springs are under a lot of pressure. If one were to break or release quickly, it could fling out and seriously hurt someone. For this reason, if you determine that the spring is the problem, contact a professional garage door repair technician. Here are a few things to help you determine if this help is needed or not:


If you have an automatic garage door, make sure that the unit is plugged in, the breaker has not popped, and there are good batteries in the remote. If you are sure the unit is getting power, it is time to move on to other troubleshooting.

Clogged Track

Next is to check the tracking for the door. Make sure nothing is clogging the path -- this could include dirt and debris that has blown into the tracks. It could also be a loosened screw that is partially in the track, blocking the way. Clean out any dirt and debris and replace any loose screws. The door should go up and down easily again.

Misaligned Track

If one or more screws for the tracks fall out or pull the track to the side, the track may not be properly aligned. This will prevent the door from opening and closing properly. You will need to use a level to place the tracks where they belong and then screw them into place. Make sure the screws are flush against the track so they do not stop the wheels from moving across the heads.

Trying to hold a garage door halfway up while working on the problem is not going to be easy. A overhead door repair company will send a team of technicians to your home. They have all the tools and equipment required to get your garage door working properly again without risking any injuries or damage to your property. Don't try to do the job yourself -- get help.