4 Reasons a Garage Door Opens Too Slow

As you try to enter or exit the garage, some days it may seem like your garage door is taking its sweet time. There are many reasons a garage door may slow down. Learn about the reasons and how a garage door repair company can speed up the process.

1. Lubrication Issues

An automatic garage door needs to run like a well-oiled machine so the door moves steadily and properly. Lubrication and oils are needed for the garage door track system, the pulley system, and inside the mechanics of the opener. A garage door repair company will complete a full lubrication process to help the garage door smoothly. Once the new lube has been applied, the repair workers will test out the garage to help spread and apply the lube. The smoother opening will increase the speeds and prevent major slow-downs.

2. Speed Control Problems

Some garage door openers include speed control settings to increase or decrease the speed of the door. In some cases, the speed control may have changed or malfunctioned, resulting in the slower speeds. Repairs down to the speed module will help increase the speed and improve the garage door functions. If your garage door opener doesn't have a speed control function, then you can upgrade your opener. A more powerful garage door opener with speed controls will improve the way the opener works. You can cut down a lot of time and exit your garage faster.

3. Roller Issues

One of the key components of a garage door is the rollers used to make the garage door go up and down. Small problems can lead to a major speed loss with the garage door. For example, if the rollers are not level, then the garage door may go up slower as it forces the wheels to move straight. If the rollers are plastic, you could have a cracked wheel that causes delays when the wheel does not rotate smoothly. A full inspection of the garage door will help eliminate the problems and fix the rollers.

4. Power Issues

In some cases, the garage door opener may have power issues. The outlets or wiring could be worn or malfunctioning. A wire may not work properly and lead to poor performance. Garage door opener troubleshooting and tests will go through the problems and determine if any power issues have occurred.

Speeding up the way your garage door opens will make a big difference in your daily use of the door. A local garage door repair company can help. Contact companies like Raynor Door Company to learn more.